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RMF and the West Midlands Combined Authority work together to benefit Armed Forces Veterans

RMF and the West Midlands Combined Authority are working together to benefit Armed forces veterans to help them start a new career.

According to the WMCA, there are about 76,000 veterans currently living in the West Midlands, with those of working age nearly twice as likely to be unemployed than their equivalents in the general UK population.

Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands said: “The transition from military to civilian life can be daunting for many, especially for the first six months following the return from the armed forces. This is often the time individuals can spiral into unemployment and all the secondary problems associated with that, such as homelessness”

“It’s our duty to help veterans make that transition and find suitable work, making sure they don’t miss out on the new opportunities that are coming to the region”

RMF and the West Midlands Combined Authority are working together to fulfil this duty.

After leaving the Armed Forces, individuals can apply to take part in training through RMF, funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority, that aims to provide veterans with the skills, qualifications and tickets that are required to enter into sustainable employment within the construction industry.

Armed forces veterans have a skillset that crosses over with the requirements of working on a construction site which includes skills such as: good team working, organization skills, good work ethic and communication skills to name a few.

A glowing example of RMF & the West Midlands Combined Authorities support is that of Armed forces veteran Martin Walker.

Martin successfully gained a range of construction qualifications through training provided by RMF through the Construction Gateway.

As a result Martin is now working on the HS2 site at Cubbington, Warwickshire, for Five Rivers Environmental.

Martin said: “there’s lots of construction work out there and doing the construction gateway course is going to give you access to those roles”

Martin explains his employment and subsequent progression by stating: “i started as a Banksman, to then being a General Labourer. Then from being a General Labourer to being a Team Leader”

When asked what he would say to encourage other Armed Forces veterans to think about joining the Construction Gateway Martin said “it is going to give you another skill and its going to get you into employment, so do it!”

If you have previously served in the Armed Forces and are looking for a new career then sign-up to RMF Fresh Start and contact RMF today to see what courses can work for you!

To find out more about how RMF & the WMCA have assisted Martin you can watch Martins interview here:

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