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RMF Join the Care Leavers Covenant

RMF are proud to announce its official membership and pledge to the ‘Care Leavers Covenant’.

The following facts and figures illustrate the often blighted and frustrated experiences of children in care and care leavers:

• In general about 38% of children in care have more than one placement during a year, while 11% had three or more placements

• 14% of children in care in 2016 achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades A*-C compared to 58% of children not in care

• 40% of all care leavers of 19, 20 and 21 years of age (in 2016) were not in employment, education or training compared to 14% of all 19, 20 and 21 year olds

• The percentage of children in care gaining entry to university is 7% and this figure has not been improved since 2006; compared to the university entry in 2016 of around 40% of their peer group

• 20% of young homeless people have been previously in care

• Children in care are four times more likely to have a mental health difficulty, which in many cases is attributed to isolation and loneliness.

The above facts outline the hardship that children in care experience and therefore highlights the need for extra support.

As a result, the Government published a major policy document, called ‘Keep on Caring’, in order to support young people from care to independence.

A key policy commitment in the paper is a strategic pledge to introduce a Care Leaver Covenant.

The Covenant is a promise made by the private, public and voluntary sectors to provide support for care leavers aged 16-25 to help them to live independently.

Each organisation that commits to the Care Leaver Covenant will be able to offer a support package to care leavers that is tailored to its specific expertise. The organisation would underpin its commitment to the Covenant with a specific ‘offer’, setting out what it can provide.

RMF will be offering care leavers support to live independently through the provision of employment led training subsequently followed up by job opportunities upon completion of their course.

In this, RMF are providing care leavers with educational and training opportunities that will improve their vocational and educational profile and open up future employment opportunities that may not have previously been available.

The training RMF offer will be free to care leavers and is funded through RMF’s partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority.

RMF’s courses typically cover a range of skills and qualifications to increase employability through having a wide skill base. The types of skills and qualifications that care leavers can acquire through RMF include, but aren’t limited to:

  • CSCS Card
  • Banksman ticket
  • Manual Handling
  • CPCS Dumper ticket
  • CPCS Roller ticket

As a result, care leavers will be able to find employment within the construction industry through a variety of roles ranging from General Operative up to skilled machine drivers with their CPCS tickets and can apply for free through Fresh Start!

RMF will also be actively monitoring and supporting the care leavers in which we train to provide and extra assistance required with the overall goal of each candidates successfully finding employment.

If you are a care leaver and are looking for training and employment opportunities then sign-up today or contact RMF on 0121 440 7970 for more information!

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