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RMF & Murphy Work in Partnership to Reduce Re-offending

RMF & Murphy are working in partnership to reduce re-offending by providing ex-offenders with an opportunity to work within the Construction & Rail industries.

The innovative partnership started back in 2014 when Murphy employed their first ex-offender through RMF who had received training as a part of our first prison cohort delivered inside HMP Hewell Grange.

RMF currently have 32 ex-offenders working across a range of Murphy sites in roles ranging from General Operative, Banksman DAM, CPCS Dumper driver, CPCS Roller drivers as well as in Supervisor positions.  Many of these operatives have been employed on substantial projects such as HS2 which is the largest infrastructure project in Europe.

The bespoke hiring process is geared towards the requirements of Murphy’s nationwide projects in both rural hard to reach areas and urban environments. Murphy have commented on their very positive experience working in partnership with RMF whilst finding RMF to be consistent in supplying the right people with the right skills and, more importantly, the right attitude.

“Hiring ex-offenders has allowed us to meet our project deadlines, to reduce our recruitment and training costs. We have found ex-offenders to be reliable and hardworking individuals”

Mark Spiers, Head of Recruitment, Murphy Group

Murphy’s relationship with RMF means that the company can tailor their work environment to suit the needs of ex-offenders. Their expert management teams understand that people come from different backgrounds. They manage candidates with respect and integrity, in line with the company’s ‘One Murphy’ values.

“Businesses need to embrace diverse recruitment strategies and step beyond traditional recruitment methods, especially within the construction and infrastructure sectors. There is more support available for you than traditional recruitment avenues where fees are excessive and support for any potential employee is minimal. Working with ex-offenders has shown us that there is considerable wrap around support, there is robust training and development in the talent pipeline and the end result is an individual who is capable and willing to work and achieve success”

-Mark Spiers, Head of Recruitment, Murphy Group

RMF look forward to providing even more enhanced and specialist training to their employees, whilst Murphy will continue create employment opportunities through engagement with their clients.

Mark Spiers, Head of Recruitment at Murphy and Sons Ltd, shared his top tips for businesses looking to recruit ex-offenders:

“To look at your existing recruitment methods and identify roles where an ex-offender would be suitable. This conversation should involve an organisation such as RMF as there is a considerable amount of training delivered in prisons such as catering, administration, IT and courses in construction related subjects. I would advise talking to these specialist organisations and identifying where there is opportunity whilst growing your business in a sustainable way”

The partnership between RMF & Murphy continues to grow whilst gaining media attention from news outlets such as the BBC & ITV news as well as online channels through The Exceptionals which ultimately positively influences the overall recruitment practices of the construction & rail industries who are becoming more willing to opening up channels to include ex-offenders as well as underrepresented groups.

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