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Fresh Start Gains CPCS Approval!

We are delighted to announce that RMF Fresh Start have officially gained approval to deliver CPCS accredited training courses to underrepresented candidates on our 22 acre site after a successful audit!

RMF Fresh Start currently has the ability to deliver CSCS accredited qualifications internally which has proved to be efficient in the ability to provide flexible CSCS training and testing to match the progress of Fresh Start candidates.

As such, the approval to deliver CPCS training allows RMF Fresh Start to build on its internal training capabilities whilst now being able to deliver nationally recognised CPCS qualifications which increase the potential qualifications, job progression and wage potential of candidates.

The grand size of the land allows candidates to have freedom to take part in CPCS training and testing on a site that replicates site conditions that candidates will experience when entering employment whilst also providing the freedom to explore plant machinery without confinement.

Fresh Start Manager, Dara McCarthy, stated: “this is a great development for Fresh Start and everybody involved with the training academy as this allows Fresh Start to be a one-stop-shop for training and employment for the harder to reach areas”

If you want to either find socially inclusion CPCS job opportunities, or you desire gaining a CPCS card to improve your job prospects, then sign up to Fresh Start today and start your journey into sustainable employment!

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