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RMF Attend the Mitie Business Challenge Day at HMP Swinfen Hall!

RMF Fresh Start was thrilled to attend the Mitie Foundation Business Challenge Day event at HMP Swinfen Hall alongside other business partners including Balfour Beatty Vinci, Npower & the Ministry of Justice as well as support partners such as RIFT & Catch22.

The day was structured around an enjoyable and challenging “dragons’ den” style format with a full briefing being provided at the start of the event and guidance for activities were given thematically throughout the day with the prisoners and business partners engaging and mixing throughout.

The business challenge day focused on inspiring and showcasing learners’ capabilities in front of prospective employers and support services that are connected to the construction and rail industries who could potentially offer work experience, paid work or extra support in the future.  The day consisted of 5 teams of learners creating new products/services for the industry where each group had to design plans for marketing, manufacturing  and financing their idea – each team included business partners, with Fergal on team 3 and Lauren on team 2.

After extensive consultation between prisoners and business partners each team’s idea was to be delivered in a pitch to the rest of the groups.

The pitches were delivered with a marketing strapline, a role play for TV or radio advert, with each team explaining their business & financial plans. The advert for each product/service proved to be a highlight of the day as it was great to see both the prisoners and business partners acting together to try to market their idea to the rest of the group – with of course, some comedy involved!

After the presentations each team  judged the other groups product and teamwork out of 5 which provided a final score and winners in categories for Best Product & Best Teamwork! This was a great initiative as it showed both the prisoners and business partners that not only do you need to have a great idea but you also need to work as a part of a team to be successful!

After the winning teams were announced, with Fergal’s team 3 winning Best Product and Lauren’s team just being pipped on the teamwork prize, each prisoner was congratulated and celebrated for their hard work including a glossy achievement certificate!

Now, the important bit came after the awards were informal and relaxed interviews took place!

The prisoners and business partners were able to converse and discuss in more depth regarding potential employment opportunities, career paths & support services going forward with many business partners stating that they were looking for the right attitude above all!

For RMF, it was great to speak to candidates on the business challenge day who were either a part of the RMF Railtrack Training Course being provided within HMP Swinfen Hall currently or scheduled to join futures courses to discuss employment opportunities and job roles that each prisoner would like to fulfil.

RMF will be staying in touch with the prisoners who have received training and have expressed their willingness to follow up with any candidates who wish to enter the construction or rail industries to provide future employment opportunities through the Fresh Start website!

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