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Why Social Inclusion Matters?

Fresh Start is a social enterprise which focuses on social inclusion in recruitment, operating currently in the construction, rail and waste management industries. Even though Fresh Start operates within different industries, the model remains the same across the board and in fact can be applied to any company in any industry.

Fresh Start analyses your recruitment needs and then creates qualified employees by sourcing candidates from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, offering expert tailored training to suit learner needs to ultimately create the ideal employee.

The benefits of Fresh Start to our clients are multifaceted and include;

  • Reduced Recruitment Costs
  • Improving Corporate Reputation
  • Reducing Staff Absence
  • Increasing Staff Retention

In this, Fresh Start takes the onus off its clients to find their candidate in a candidate short market by finding and providing the appropriate training to candidates and therefore ultimately reducing the cost of clients recruitment demands.

As a result of the investment into socially disadvantaged candidates whilst supporting them to overcome typical barriers to employment it is identified that candidates are more loyal to the jobs in which they have with a reduced absenteeism rate due to the value that they place on their positions.

The benefits to the local community and economy are also multifaceted and include;

  • Reduced Tax Demands
  • Reduced Unemployment
  • Increased Economically Active Individuals
  • Increased Local Spending

By sourcing candidates from socially disadvantaged backgrounds Fresh Start reduces governmental demands on time and money whilst also increasing the amount of employment and economically active individuals in the local community.

Simply put, Fresh Start is the Home of Hidden Talent, which benefits all – start your journey today!

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