The Fresh Start employee dashboard will allow candidates to search for work which matches their tickets and qualifications whilst also suggesting jobs that are appropriate to each candidate’s location when they login.

Fresh Start offers continuous opportunities for career progression by aligning our training and development programmes with our registered client’s projects.

The Fresh Start Project offers training and development opportunities to candidates in line with client demand and therefore reflects real-life job opportunities and progression.

Our Verticals

  • Rail Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy
  • Demolition
  • Highway Engineering
  • Construction

Success Stories

General Operative

RMF Fresh Start provided me with CSCS training and testing whilst serving out my sentence. Upon leaving prison RMF Fresh Start were my first point of contact where they offered me employment as a General Operative which helped me get my life back on track!

Site Supervisor

RMF Fresh Start provided construction training to me whilst i was in prison which allowed me to gain the relevant qualifications to enter employment. I was able to firstly be employed through the ROTL programme whilst in prison where i maintained my employment upon release. RMF Fresh Start provided me with career progression and further training and i am now a site supervisor, looking after my own group of workers, and have even been featured on the news for my successful rehabilitation!

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